Retail in Bed-Stuy – The North/South Avenues

In Bed-Stuy, there are strips with retail that you should know about. Each strip offers a different vibe, different restaurants and bars, and different amenities.


Since Classon is technically the boarder, I’m not sure whether it is considered Bed-Stuy or Clinton Hill. Classon doesn’t have a ton of retail on it, but it has a few gems.

  • Speedy Romeo pizzeria – excellent pizza and food
  • Clementine – vegan bakery
  • Tailor Made, a small Jamaican eatery


  • G train at Lafayette


Franklin, like Classon, doesn’t have a ton of retail, but it has a few pockets.


  • Daily Press (coffee shop)
  • Hart’s – high-end, modern cuisine
  • Golda Kitchen (coffee and restaurant)
  • Calaca (sit down Mexican + Mezcal just off Franklin)
  • Nice Pizza (name says it all)
  • Chilo’s (outdoor taco truck and indoor bar)


  • Diamond Reef (bar with nice patio on Atlantic)\
  • Glorieta Baldy (basic bar)
  • Tip Top bar and grill (dive bar)
  • The Holler (NOLA kitsch)
  • Come on Everybody (Bar/Club)


  • Bondi Wine – (nice French-owned wine store)


  • C train at Fulton


Bedford has a great vibe, and just by the amount of construction, you can see how quickly it is changing. You could probably lump Franklin into the Bedford strip as well since it is only a short block away and has a similar feeling and style as Bedford.

On Bedford, we’ve got great restaurants like:

  • Swell Dive – Filipino tacos and surfer vibe
  • Pilar – Cuban eatery (beer and wine)
  • Black Swan – American
  • Tilly’s – Southern (+live music)
  • Baron’s (on Dekalb just off Bedford)


  • Do or Dive – cheap beer, dive bar
  • Dynaco – speakeasy, dark, cocktails
  • Brooklyn House of Comedy – name says it all


  • The Bedstuy Y (everyone should become a member)
  • Anglmid century furniture shop (great stuff and nicest owners)
  • City acupuncture (and massages)
  • Atlas wines and spirits
  • The Bishop – art gallery
  • Sanctuary – art gallery just off Bedfor


  • G train at Lafayette



  • Captain Dan’s Good Times Tavern – local resto-pub
  • Lucha Lucha – tacos
  • The Corners – bar
  • Angela’s – Caribbean
  • Sistas’ Place – coffee shop
  • Madame Poupon – French crepes
  • Bunny’s – casual eatery


  • A/C trains at Fulton
  • G train at Lafayette


  • Not a ton of retail on March, but a couple of cute coffee shops.
  • Doctor’s Cave Cafe
  • Cozy Coffee


Tompkins feels like it has the most authentic vibe in Bed-Stuy. It exudes proud local businesses, skewing towards art and creativity.


  • Peaches Hothouse – amazing fried chicken
  • Eugene and Company – contemporary restaurant
  • Nagle’s Bagels – bagels
  • kleinberg’s – contemporary
  • WARUDE – Japanese – taco fusion
  • Po’mi – Po boy / bahn mi sandwiches
  • Brown Butter Bar and Kitchen – coffee and biscuits


  • The Narativ – Concept store (fashion)
  • peace and RIOT – home and more
  • Bed-Vyne Wine and Spirits
  • Make Manifest – boutique
  • Meat Market – thrift shop
  • Chicky’s – general food provisions
  • Calabar Imports – African fashion, art gallery and more


Like Marcy, not a ton of retail on Throop

  • Anchor Coffee
  • Fish & Chips
  • Zion Gallery – art gallery just off of Throop


  • C train at Fulton

Marcus Garvey

  • Tepache – tacos, mexican
  • TreeHouse BK – bar and food
  • Sumner Wine BarBrown Sugar – Cajun comfort food
  • Pelican – bar
  • Fermento – Italian vegan eatery & coffee
  • Richard Beavers Gallery – art gallery


  • LunAtico – popular jazz and cocktail bar
  • Saraghina – fresh, homemade pasta and pizza
  • Peaches – the original establishment


  • Mama Fox – american


  • A/C at Fulton

Malcolm X


  • Chez Oscar – French Brasserie. Think Moroccan inspired French and fun, casual atmosphere
  • l’Antagoniste – Also French
  • Zabka Coffee – coffee and perogies
  • Nana Ramen
  • Trad Room
  • Cheri’s Bed-Stuy – comfort soul food


  • Casablanca cocktail lounge


  • J at Kosciusko

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